Tips for Solo Traveling in Athens

Traveling solo in Athens offers a unique experience for every visitor.

You can explore the historic Acropolis, enjoy local delicacies like souvlaki, or wander through natural landscapes. Athens caters to solo travelers perfectly, providing opportunities to either enjoy solitude or engage with friendly locals.

Solo in Athens: Tips for a Fun and Fulfilling Trip

To avoid the hustle and bustle, consider a hike in the Ymittos mountains for panoramic views of Athens. For a culinary adventure, take a food tour in the city center, then explore the vibrant bars and tavernas in Pagrati. For something more upscale, spend an evening by the sea along the Athenian Riviera.

Traveling Solo_Athens Panepistimio

Unveiling Athens' Neighborhoods: Where to stay for solo traveling

Athens' unique charm lies in its lack of a singular character, making it a city that can cater to all types of travelers. In the city center, you'll find a mix of splendid neoclassical mansions and significant archaeological sites alongside buildings from the '80s that seem out of place. Traveling north, the scene shifts to upscale, green neighborhoods with luxurious hotels and homes. Towards the south, the coastal areas offer sleek apartments and holiday rentals that echo a resort-like atmosphere.


Panepistimio is centrally located in Athens, putting it near major attractions and bustling areas. It's close to Syntagma Square, the main shopping street Ermou, and the upscale Kolonaki neighborhood, known for its high-end shops and chic cafes. For great food and a lively atmosphere, Aiolou Street and Agia Irini Square are just a short walk away. The area also features several stylish boutique hotels.


For a stay that puts you at the heart of Athens' history, consider booking a hotel in Plaka. This oldest part of the city is admired for its quaint cafes and alleyways lined with bougainvillea, alongside the Cycladic-style houses of Anafiotika, a neighborhood established by settlers from the island of Anafi in the late 19th century. The Acropolis and the bustling Monastiraki Flea Market are both just minutes away.


Pagrati is an ideal choice for visitors looking to enjoy lively dining and social scenes in Athens. The neighborhood features trendy cafes known for their brunch menus, cozy mezedopolia serving drinks and local snacks, and stylish lofts available for holiday stays. Art lovers will appreciate the proximity to the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation and the National Gallery Alexandros Soutsos Museum, which reopened in 2021 following an extensive eight-year renovation.

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How to Experience Athens Solo

Finding the top attractions in Athens can be challenging, as each neighborhood boasts its own hidden gems and archaeological sites. Here are our recommendations for some of the key highlights to explore.

Explore Local Flavors

A walking food tour around the center of Athens is a great way to experience the city's culinary offerings. Join one of the many organized tours that guide you to the best spots. Sample Greek doughnuts (loukoumades) on Aiolou Street and enjoy Lebanese soup near Psyrri. Athens' street food scene is sure to impress, so be sure to try a variety of dishes.

Conquer the Acropolis and Explore the Parthenon

Visiting the Parthenon is essential when in Athens. Constructed in the fifth century BCE on the Acropolis hill, which translates to "edge of the city," this ancient temple remains largely intact. Tour its impressive marble columns and then check out nearby historical sites like the Erechtheion temple and the Herodeion, a Roman stone theater that hosts live concerts today.

Explore a World of Art and Culture

Athens is now recognized as a center for art, particularly due to its vibrant street art scene. Explore the Keramikos and Psyrri neighborhoods to see large-scale murals, or visit Exarcheia for politically charged artwork. Beyond street art, the city offers established cultural spots like the Goulandris Museum and the National Gallery. Additionally, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, set within a beautiful park, regularly hosts cultural events and exhibitions.

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Eat Like a Local

Athens is endlessly celebrated for its food scene, which is packed with an impressive array of cafes and eateries. Despite the abundance of existing venues, new spots continue to emerge, not only in the central areas but also in northern residential neighborhoods like Chalandri and Cholargos.

In Athens, you're never far from a good souvlaki spot or a taverna serving traditional Greek dishes like salads, fine cheeses, juicy meatballs, or a hearty moussaka. The city's burger scene is on the rise, with places like Juicy Grill standing out. There's also a wide selection of international cuisine available. Many cafes transition into bars as evening falls, contributing to a vibrant nightlife, particularly in the central areas.

Travel Well, Be Well

Athens is generally a safe city, but it's wise to exercise caution at night, much like in any other capital. It's best to stay in well-populated areas. Additionally, be vigilant with your belongings, especially in busy places like Ermou Street or on the metro, where pick-pocketing can occur.

Navigating Your Way Through Athens

In Athens, most destinations are relatively close together, minimizing your transportation costs. The city center is easily walkable from most accommodations. For trips to farther suburbs like Kifissia and Glyfada, taxis are a convenient option. They are safe, reasonably priced, and readily available. Additionally, consider downloading the Beat app, which functions similarly to Uber, to simplify your travel around the city.

Athens' metro system is straightforward to use but doesn't cover all areas. Its usefulness will depend on your specific destinations. If the metro isn't an option, buses are available, although they may not be the best choice due to their infrequent schedules and crowded conditions.

Solo traveling in Athens offers a rich blend of culinary delights, cultural experiences, and convenient transportation options. From sampling street food to exploring historic sites and enjoying the nightlife, Athens provides solo travelers with a variety of activities. While navigating the city is generally straightforward thanks to the metro and taxis, it's wise to plan your routes based on destination coverage. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience as you explore all that Athens has to offer.


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