A dynamic travel agency

We are an Athens-based destination expert for Greece.

Our philosophy is to provide private and personalized experiential activities that engage travelers in a unique and entertaining way.

We are committed to sharing our “insider” knowledge and give our visitors the opportunity to see Greece as we know and love it.

Our ultimate objective is our guests to have a fabulous time; discover Greece’s culture and way of life – always with a personal twist.

Our values

Our values



Insiders Travel Experiences are officially recognized and licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organization. All our services are carefully designed to offer you a unique experience of exceptional value. Our team consists of licensed guides and professional experts, all dedicated to offer you the best possible service.

Private tours

Private tours

Our tailor-made, personalized services are the perfect option for families and small groups visiting Greece. Our friendly and experienced guides are eager to satisfy your needs and wishes, offering you a unique, fulfilling travel experience.



Our goal is to offer unique travel experiences that exceed your expectations. We want to give you the opportunity to discover what lies beneath the surface of our city through our distinctive Insider’s look. Join our innovative tours and workshops and get back home with special memories which will last for ever.



We specialize in designing tailor-made, private and fully customized vacations for small groups of travellers visiting Greece. We value all visitors as special and unique; by collecting information on your tastes and interests, we design individual programs that match your profile and schedule, so that we can offer you the highest level of customer service.



Safety is paramount and is placed above all other considerations. We follow all the expected guidelines and regulations regarding the safety of our guests. We are always on the alert for external factors that may challenge our safety standards and our staff is well-prepared for any situation that might occur during our tours.

Meet the team

Anthia Vlassopoulou

/ anˈθia vlasoπulu /


Alexis Frydas

/ aˈlexi:s φriˈðas /

Sales & business development

Natalie Kontou

/ natali koˈndu /

Operations & CCO

Meijun Yao

/ Mei'jun Ya'o /

Area Sales Manager

Roxanne Kousidi

/ Ro'xa'nne Kou'si'di /

Office Supervisor

Yannis Kalopisis

/ jaˈnni:s kaloπi:si:s /

Luxury Travel Advisor

Stefania Lyras

/ Ste"fa"ni"a Ly'ras /

Luxury Travel Advisor

Yannis Zafeiropoulos

/ jaˈnni:s zaφiroˈpouloˈs /

Wine and spirits expert

Yorgos Madianos

/ joˈρgoˈs maðianoˈs /

Culinary Experiences Manager

Nota Karamaouna

/ No:ta Kara:ma:ouna /

Archaeologist & State licensed guide

Nancy Androutsopoulou

/ naˈnsi: andrutsoˈpulu /

State-licensed guide

Alexandra Hatzopoulou

/ aˈlexaˈndraˈ xaˈtzoˈpulu /

State-licensed guide

Ilias Papadopoulos

/ i:li:aˈs papadoˈpuloˈs /

State-licensed guide

Eleni Grammenou

/ eˈleni: graˈmenoˈu /

State-licensed guide

Maria Kalogeri

/ Maria Ka"lo"ge"ri /

Archaeologist & State licensed guide

Yannis Varouhakis

/ jaˈnni:s varouhaˈki:s /

Photographer, expert driver

Yannis Ninos

/ Ya"nis Ni"nos /

Historian, Professional Chef, Tour Leader

Vasilis Lemonis

/ Va:silis Le:mon:'is /

Passionate traveller, expert driver

Iliana Chatzitheodorou

/ i:li:a:na Chatzi:theo:dorou /

Children activity expert, Tour Leader

Ilektra Küng

/ I"le"ktra Kiung /

Tour Leader

Jakob Wien

/ Ja:kob Wi;en /

An artist and passionate traveler, Tour Leader

Kostas Klitsas

/ ko:staˈs kli:tsa:s /

Boy scout leader, Tour Leader

Panos Dimitropoulos

/ Pa:nos Dimi:tropoulos /

A food and wine connoisseur, Tour Leader

Niki Papandreou

/ 'Ni'ki' 'Pa'pa'ndre'o'u' /

Passionate traveler, Tour Leader

Nikos Todoulos

/ ni:koˈs toˈduloˈs /

Certified mountaineer, Tour Leader

Ilias Pantazis

/ I"li"as Pa"nta"zis /

Public Historian, Tour Leader

Joseph Tsiamoglou

/ Jo;seph Tsia;mo;glou /

Social Scientist, Tour Leader
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