The Best Churches in Athens to spend your Easter

If you are not one of the lucky ones who will be able to leave Athens during Easter, make sure you have a good time in this dazzling city, especially now that the weather is nice and sunny.

The night of the Resurrection is mystical in our city. Additionally, we found the most beautiful churches that are scattered across the city that are worth visiting that day.

Metropolis Cathedral by Spyridon Kagkas
Metropolis Cathedral by Spyridon Kagkas


Metropolitan Cathedral at Mitropoleos Street

The imposing cathedral of Athens could not be missing from the list, since here the Resurrection is impressive. Also, on Good Friday, the procession of the Epitaph is accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens and meets at Syntagma Square with the epitaphs of the churches of the historic center.

Holy Church of Saint George on Lycabettus

Just a few meters from the metro of Evaggelismos, you will think that you are on an island, if you visit the picturesque chapel of Agios Georgios, overlooking the whole city. Also, here, on the night of Holy Saturday, you will have the opportunity to watch a spectacle with dozens of fireworks that make the sky red. Just make sure you start early to walk upstairs, as it is very busy that day to use the car.

Holy Metropolitan Church of Saint Photine

If you want to completely avoid the crowds, the church of Agia Fotini overlooking the sacred rock of the Acropolis and the temple of Olympian Zeus is the ideal choice. Built on the ruins of the ancient sanctuary of Hecate, next to the sanctuary of Panos, the church of Agia Fotini has a special mystical atmosphere that will make you feel the spirit of the Resurrection.

Church of Saint George Karytsi by George E. Koronaios
Church of Saint George Karytsi by George E. Koronaios


Church of Saint George Karytsi

In the center of the busy square, this beautiful church is famous for the honorable four-part choir of Themistocles Polycrates, which counts 127 years of life and has an inseparable relationship with this church. Their chants will shock you not only on Holy Saturday but the whole Passion Week, whenever it is worth visiting it even once these days.

Church of Saint Irene on Aiolou Street

On the well-known street of bars and cafes, is the beautiful church of Agia Irini, which was the former holy Metropolis of Athens. It is one of the constant choices of the Athenians, as there one can watch the world-famous Greek Byzantine choir, created by Lykourgos Angelopoulos, who has been its lead singer since 1985.

Ethiopian Church - Kimisi Theotokou Mouglon

Unique in its kind, it is located on Bohali Street and offers an original spectacle on the day of the Resurrection. After the resurrection bells ring, a celebration follows the sounds of percussion instruments, while the choir represents moments from the life of Christ theatrically. Know that to enter the Ethiopian Coptic temple, you must take off your shoes. Also, according to the custom, the Cutters wear white clothes, so make sure you are in tune with the atmosphere.

The Armenian Orthodox Cathedral by George E. Koronaios
The Armenian Orthodox Cathedral by George E. Koronaios


Armenian Orthodox Cathedral

The Armenian church at number 10 on Kriezi Street is another alternative proposal for the day of the Resurrection, while on Good Friday its operation, which is accompanied by a church organ, is of great interest. If you are lucky, because this does not happen every year, you will have the opportunity to watch the prayer in both Greek and Armenian-, along with three other neighborhood churches that meet at the exit of the Epitaph.

Church of the Holy Unmercenaries of Kolokynthis - Metochion of the Holy Sepulchre

It is located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque districts of the center, on Erechtheos Street, and in fact, the Holy Light first arrives there from Jerusalem, just before taking its way to the Diocese. If you cannot stand the fireworks, it is probably the best choice, as there are rarely such spectacular "explosions" there.

Holy Church of Saint Nicholas Rangavas (11th c.)

A little further, in Anafiotika, is this church between Prytaneiou and Epimarchou streets. Its historic bell, on display in the church's foyer, is the first to ring in 1833 after the country was liberated from the Turkish yoke. It is famous for the service of Holy Tuesday when many believers rush to hear the Troparion of Cassiani.

Iera Moni Asomaton_Petraki by Ανώνυμος Βικιπαιδιστής
Iera Moni Asomaton_Petraki by Ανώνυμος Βικιπαιδιστής


Holy Monastery of the Holy Incorporeal Taxiarchs - Petraki

The cosmopolitan church of Kolonaki, with its magnificent courtyard, attracts many Athenians - you will see a lot of people here. And because the temple has a more modern concept, you can find out about the program of functions and sequences from its official website.

Holy Church of the Holy Trinity - Soteira Lykodemos (11th c.)

Also known as the Russian Church in Athens, the Holy Trinity is a meeting place for the people who moved here after the fall of the Soviet Union. On Holy Saturday, the service is held in Russian and the faithful arrive with red eggs, Easter bread, cheeses and cold cuts, garlic for strength, and butter with salt, which they share at the end. Also, pay attention to the pictures that are decorated with embroidered fabrics throughout the Holy Week.

Holy Church of Saint Demetrius Loumpardiaris

One of the most beautiful churches in the city, very close to the Acropolis, which in its way unites Orthodox with the ancient heritage. Although its interior, which is adorned with magnificent frescoes of the 18th century, does not appeal to many people, the service of the Resurrection takes place in its magnificent courtyard that smells of jasmine.

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