Celebrating Labor Day (May 1st) in Athens: What to do in Athens

Public holidays in Greece include Easter Monday, May Day (May 1, International Workers Day), Independence Day (March 25), and Christmas Day.

The Acropolis and museums are closed on public holidays but there are plenty of other things to do in Athens on bank holidays.

What is closed on Labor Day – May 1st in Athens?

  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Agora
  • Roman Agora
  • Panathenaic Stadium
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Arch of Hadrian

National Gardens of Athens

So, now to the fun part. What to do in Athens on Labor Day?

As you’ll discover below, you don’t necessarily need to enter a site in Athens to see it!

Explore the Roman Agora

The Roman Agora at Athens is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece. But you will not be able to enter on public holidays. Nonetheless, the site is surrounded by public streets and a low fence, so you can see a lot of it from outside. The bonus is that when the site is empty, there won't be anyone in your picture of the Tower of the Winds.

Athens Neighborhood

Discover Plaka Neighborhood

The Plaka district of Athens, which is located on the slopes of the Acropolis and is accessible by many stairways, is open 24 hours a day, including on bank holidays. Take your time and let yourself get lost, discovering churches and street art before sitting down in a restaurant, that are all open!

See the Arch of Hadrian

Even when most other sites are closed, you can still get up close to Athens's history. The Arch of Hadrian (Hadrian's Gate), part of an ancient city wall, is right next to one of Athens's busiest roads in the center of the city and is free to visit any day of the year.

Take a walk in the National Garden

The National Garden, located in downtown Athens behind Syntagma Square, is one of the loveliest places to visit on a nice day. The park has a botanical garden, children's play area, ponds and fountains, statues, and lots of shady spots to sit down. In the middle of the park stands Zappeion Hall--a grand, sunshine-yellow palace built as a venue for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

40Forty - Vouliagmeni

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium

This elegant marble stadium, shaped like a horseshoe and built in 330 BCE, only to be restored in 1895 for the 1896 Olympics, is closed on many public holidays, including May 1st. However, it is only separated from the public area by a low fence, so you can see the whole thing without needing to go inside.

Wine and Dine

On May 1, many Athenians will take the day off work and travel to the countryside or spend time relaxing at home. Restaurants and cafes throughout the main tourist areas including Plaka, Vouliagmeni, Monastiraki, and Psirri are open with Athenians enjoying their day off and visitors enjoying the city.

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