Autumn in Athens: Things Do and See!

Summer may have said goodbye, and we may have returned to our daily routine, but we are in Autumn, which is one of the best times of the year.

For those of you who love the Attica, we can promise you that Athens is beautiful all year round and that every season has something different to offer you. However, the truth is that Autumn in the capital is a sweet season, without too much cold or rain, where you can enjoy hidden shops, cozy hangouts, adjoining neighborhoods, and small paradises for weekend getaways. The Museums are open, the nightlife returns to the center, and you can enjoy the city in its true dimensions.

For the more romantic ones out there who are excited about the arrival of autumn, look no further than Athens. With cultural activities and fun hangouts, Athens is the ‘it’ place to be in autumn. Take romantic walks in nature, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, go to theatrical performances and interesting art exhibitions. These are just some of the things you can do to put yourself in a romantic autumn mood.

Below you will find a list of 5 things to do in Athens in Autumn. So, put on your trench coat, a pair of sunglasses (cause don’t forget that you’re still in Greece!) and have fun exploring Autumn in Athens! 

Noel on TripAdvisor
Noel found on TripAdvisor

Enjoy the Small Hangouts in the Heart of the City

Athens is full of cozy and beautifully decorated shops, where you can go out to enjoy your coffee, your hot chocolate, eat breakfast and brunch, and taste both domestic and international cuisine. From the well-known hangouts in Pagrati to the galleries of Kolokotroni, the hidden shops in the urban Exarchia, and the vintage corners in Koukaki, the capital offers you several countless options for going out, next to the center, without traveling long distances.

Hidden in atmospheric galleries of the center, famous all-day hangouts of Athens bring out an unprecedented intimacy and warmth, making us feel at home. Here are a few places that we recommend you visit in the center of Athens: Bartesera, Bar de Theater, Barreldier, and Noel stand out for their aesthetics and are ideal choices for the first autumn drinks.

Bull devoured by two lions,570BC,Acropolis Museum by ZDE on wikipedia.commons
Bull devoured by two lions,570BC,Acropolis Museum by ZDE on wikipedia.commons

Art Exhibitions and Theater

Autumn brings with it very interesting art exhibitions for art lovers. Autumn in Athens is impossible without a theater. The theatrical audience is waiting for the performances of the new season.

Autumn, when the weather starts to get dimmer, is the right time to visit an exhibition, or one of the many museums in the city, combining it with a walk. For example, a good choice is the Museum of the City of Athens, where after finishing the tour of its aristocratic spaces, you can enjoy a coffee in the bistro, Black Duck Garden, which is literally in the arms of the Museum. After that, you can take a walk in the shopping streets of the area, such as Agios Markos and Aeolos, do your shopping and enjoy street food at its best. Equally beautiful excursions are offered by other museums in Athens, such as the Acropolis, the Numismatic, and the Byzantine.

But in addition to the Museums that are of constant value, in Autumn there are a lot of interesting theatrical performances, which cover the tastes of even the most demanding. Athens has 152 winter theatrical scenes, which are scattered throughout its territory, a fact that favors each of us individually! Unlike other European cities, here in the larger neighborhoods of the city, you can find one or more theaters, which are the right outlet for the moody autumn days. And let's not forget the cinemas, which also have their honor this season! What could be better than watching movies with your friends on the big screen, with popcorn and soft drinks in hand?

Billiard Table at Rockwood by
Billiard Table at Rockwood by

Beer Bars and Billiards

For the most part, we have combined beer with summer. However, one can find in Athens a series of beautiful and atmospheric beers for Autumn, where in addition to special beers, one can enjoy a variety of meats and appetizers, with friends. The Berlin by 5 Drunk Men on the busy pedestrian street of Timotheos in Pagrati, and the American Rockwood in the center of Athens are some good options for going out this season.

Another suggestion for the melancholy autumn afternoons is the authentic billiards of the city. The Roi Mat in America Square, and the Interpid Fox in Gazi, are a couple of the best billiard spots in Athens, where you can enjoy your drink, listen to authentic rock ballads and learn unknown but impressive stories from old Athens.

Walking in the nature in Athens during Autumn
Walking in nature in Athens during Autumn

Nearby Nature Excursions

The Attic landscape is characterized by great contrasts. In Summer we descend to the beaches, while in Autumn and Winter we ascend to the mountains! So, another beautiful walk is this one at the Drafi waterfall of Penteli, the lake Beletsi in Ippokratio Politia, and the church of Agia Triada. Just half an hour from Omonia you go to a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty, which bears no resemblance to the bustling city center. Finally, you can organize a trip with your friends to the hunting refuge of Koropi in Ymittos, located on the east side of the mountain, hidden in a dense pine forest. It will give you the feeling that you are very far from the capital, when in fact you are right next door!

The best way to feel beautiful on an autumn weekend is a short getaway. You do not need to take the distant mountains. You can, for example, take a walk with your friends or family in the Syggrou Forest, on Kifissias Avenue, on the border of the municipalities of Maroussi, Kifissia, and Melissia. The unique forest of the Attica basin is a landscape of special natural beauty, in which archaeological finds have been discovered. Here you can spend your time happily hiking, exercising, jogging, cycling, or even walking with your pet. Parnitha is also a good choice for a trip so close and so far from Athens at the same time. Αn excursion to Parnitha and the atmospheric Buffy’s Refuge is a must. At an altitude of 1,161 meters, in a green setting and overlooking Athens, you can find true peace and relax from the stresses of everyday life.  Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city and only 30 km from the center, you can enjoy a wonderful walk in nature and take part in organized hikes. On the eastern slopes of Parnitha is hidden a ‘surprise’ that many do not know: Lake Mpeletsi. It is an artificial lake that was created around 1972-1975, while around it stretches the Hippocratic State of the Aphids. To reach it, exit at Afidnon, continue until you pass the town, and head to the church of the Holy Trinity (make a stop to enjoy the panoramic view of the Attica basin). From there signs will lead you to your destination.

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