Athens weather: monthly guide

Wondering about the best time to visit Athens?

Wondering about the best time to visit Athens? Athens weather can be quite a deciding factor. We’d recommend a quick peek at our monthly guide to get a feel for what to expect. In a nutshell, which are the most pleasant months in Athens? April through June and then September to October offer the most pleasant vibes.

Caryatid statues standing in a row with the cityscape in the background.

Winter months

December weather in Athens

December weather in Athens tends to be the chilliest. Don't expect a winter wonderland vibe, but you'll find some holiday decor around. Good news is you'll nab lower hotel rates. Heads up though, flights might cost more, and it does get pretty cold.

January weather in Athens

Thinking about the January weather in Athens? It's not all sunshine and heatwaves here. In fact, January can be brisk, averaging around 10°C, with a good chance of rain on some days. However, you'll score some deals on hotels since it's low season. Plus, you can hit the slopes at Parnassos, one of Greece's top ski spots. Just remember, it's chilly and wet, and those historic sites tend to close up a bit earlier.

February weather in Athens

The February weather in Athens? Pretty much a rerun of January – same cool-ish temperatures and just about 7 rainy days. If you glanced at the January notes, it's the same deal for pros and cons.

The Parthenon framed by blooming flowers under a blue sky.

Spring months

March weather in Athens

March weather in Athens starts to perk up, hitting an average of 13°C. As the month winds down, it gets even nicer. Catch the carnival vibes if you're around, especially the famous Patras Carnival just a couple of hours away – it's a big deal here. Still, remember, early closing times at sites linger and prices begin to creep up.

April weather in Athens

April weather in Athens? It's sweet. Averages around 16°C and it's Easter season – huge for Greeks with loads of traditions, in Athens and beyond.

Tip: Venture out from Athens to nearby villages for the full Easter experience.

Heads-up: Travel costs rise since it's prime time for Greeks to hit the road.

May weather in Athens      

May weather in Athens is on the upswing with averages around 21°C, though you might catch some rain.

Perks? Warmer days and extended hours for all the historic sites.

Just so you know, it's getting busier with tourists, and yes, that means prices are climbing too.

The Academy of Athens with statues and greenery under a clear sky.

Summer months

June weather in Athens

June weather in Athens heats up to an average of 26°C. Expect a few quick rain showers – the climate's been a bit unpredictable lately.

Good stuff: True summer vibes perfect for Greek island hopping.

Just so you're aware, it's peak season – more crowds and higher prices are part of the deal.

July weather in Athens

July weather in Athens is sizzling, often hitting the 30°C mark.

Tip: Plan and book your trip early; it's a busy time with steep prices.

Plus: Endless sun for island getaways near Athens.

But, it can get super-hot and pretty packed with people.

August weather in Athens

August weather in Athens presents an interesting twist: while it's peak tourist season in Greece, Athens itself becomes surprisingly quiet, especially around August 15th!

Why? Many locals take their holidays then, leaving the city more relaxed.

Upsides: Fewer crowds, plenty of sunshine, and warm weather.

Downsides: Be ready for some intense heat and still, those summer peak prices.

View of the Acropolis in Athens with autumn leaves in the foreground.

Fall months

September weather in Athens

September weather in Athens? It's arguably one of the best times. Warm, yes, but without the intense heat of midsummer.

Perks: Lovely weather and a chill vibe throughout the city.

The catch? Prices. Though they start to ease down from the summer highs.

October weather in Athens

October weather in Athens? The first half is prime time to visit. Still lovely, though later in the month, it gets a bit unpredictable.

Good to know: It's quieter, warmer than you'd expect, and more affordable.

Heads-up for the latter half: it tends to get rainier and cooler.

November weather in Athens

November weather in Athens sees a dip to around 15°C, often bringing chillier and rainier days, especially in the latter half.

Upsides? Fewer tourists mean better deals on flights and hotels. Plus, the Authentic Athens Marathon happens this month – a must-see, or even better, participate!

Downsides include the cooler temps and shorter visiting hours at historic sites.

Navigating the weather in Athens can really shape your visit, from the warm, vibrant summers to the cooler, quieter winters. Each season has its charm and challenges, with prices and crowds fluctuating accordingly. Whether you're soaking in the summer sun or enjoying the milder vibes of spring and fall, Athens offers a unique experience year-round. Just pack accordingly and keep an eye on those opening times for the best experience!

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