10+1 Roof Gardens in Athens with an Acropolis View

Being at the top of a building and enjoying your drink overlooking the whole of Athens is a special suggestion for your outings this summer.

Great flavors, cool cocktails, and relaxing music against the backdrop of the amazing view of the Acropolis. Roof gardens steal the show.

We present to you our 10+1 Roof Gardens in Athens that offer a special Acropolis View:

GB Corner Roof
GB Corner Roof


1. GB Corner Roof, Grande Bretagne: in the heart of the center

Parthenon or Kallimarmaro? Sitting on comfortable pillows, chairs, or benches, you can enjoy the view of the city's historic sites in the roof garden of the Grande Bretagne Hotel choosing from a variety of hot and cold dishes, fresh pastries from the bakery of the hotel, freshly squeezed juices, teas, and fragrant coffees.

If you wish to dine, you can try the delicious flavors of Mediterranean cuisine offered by the GB Corner Roof and all this in an environment with an atmosphere that will make you forget that it is above the Constitution. In the evening, the illuminated city will put you in a romantic mood until 1 a.m.

Address: Syntagma Square, Athens

Tel: 210 333 0000

GB Roof Garden


2. Galaxy bar, Hilton: with Athens on a silver platter

If you go up to the 13th floor of the Hilton Athens, you will find yourself in one of the 10 best bars in Greece, where you will be able to enjoy the view from Lycabettus and the Acropolis to Mount Hymettus and the sea of ​​Piraeus with your cocktail - even on clear days, it is said that you may even be able to see Aegina.

At Galaxy Restaurant you can try Mediterranean flavors by the hand of the executive chef, Giannis Manikis, and then go to… cocktails and have fun with the music choices at the bar.

Address: 46 Vasilissis Sofias, Athens

Tel: 210 728 1402

Galaxy Bar Website

Acropolis Secret - Hotel Divani Palace Acropolis
Acropolis Secret - Hotel Divani Palace Acropolis


3. Acropolis Secret - Hotel Divani Palace Acropolis

It is located in the heart of Athens but this is also its little "secret" since the environment is so beautifully landscaped that the bustling Athens seems to be miles away. The imposing setting, with the illuminated Acropolis just a breath away, is complemented by the inspiration of chef Costas Alexiadis, who suggests dishes such as anchovies marinated with herbs in a village salad dressing and cherry tomatoes stuffed with couscous, fresh lasagna, mozzarella baby spinach, and cheese crumble, while the sweet ending includes suggestions, such as chocolate crème in almond biscuit with Anglaise sauce, semolina halva flavored with Kozani yolk, vanilla ice cream, gooseberries, and blueberries, etc.

Address: Parthenonos 19-25, Athina 

Tel: 210 928 0100

Acropolis Secret Website


4. Kuzina Tarazza

On the rooftop of Kuzina, the "postcard" view is perfectly harmonized with the enjoyable taste suggestions of Aris Tsanaklidis. With the Temple of Hephaestus and the Acropolis on the "plate", here we taste a menu with traditional Greek aromas and cosmopolitan references. Be sure to try the flutes with lamb, sun-dried tomato, eggplant, feta, and Picante sauce, the thick macaroni with Pelion sausage, tomato, hot pepper, and pecorino Amfilochia.

Address: Adrianou 9, Thiseio

Tel: 210 324 0133

Kuzina Website



5. Hytra - House of Letters and Arts

With unobstructed 360 ° views from the Acropolis and Lycabettus, to Mount Hymettus and the sea, the bar-restaurant on the 6th floor of the House of Letters and Arts is without a doubt one of the best summer options. The award-winning cuisine of Tassos Mantis and the intense cocktails curated by the distinguished bartender Giannis Korovesis, guarantee the beautiful flow of an interesting evening.

Address: 107-109 Syggrou Ave., Athens

Tel. 210 331 6767

Hytra Website


6. A for Athens Cocktail bar

It is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most popular cocktail spots in the city. It is located at a key point, in Monastiraki Square, which allows you to "drink the Acropolis and the surrounding area by the glass". So going up to the bar on the 6th floor of the A for Athens hotel, leave your choices to the hands of its experienced bartenders and you will not regret it!

Address: Miaouli 2-4, Monastiraki

Tel: 210 324 4244

A for Athens Website

Hill Athens
Hill Athens


7. City Zen All Day Bar Restaurant

In the center of Athens in Monastiraki with a stunning view of the Acropolis, a place was created that is recommended from morning till night. It is housed on the top two floors of a renovated neoclassical building. Its unparalleled quality and incomparable location have made CityZen the "talk of the town".

From the early morning hours, you can enjoy your coffee. Continuing with lunch and arriving at separate evening dishes, which are inspired by Greece and Italy. Also, discover the menu with its excellent cocktails.

Address: 11 Aiolou, Athens

Tel: 21 0325 4942

City Zen Website


8. Hill Athens an all-day destination for Fine Dining and Relaxation

It is located in the most picturesque neighborhood of Athens, Thiseio, in a neoclassical building of four levels of high aesthetics with unparalleled views from the Acropolis to Lycabettus. From the early morning hours, you can start enjoying fine coffee, excellent dishes from the brunch menu, and a selection of their most famous desserts. From the afternoon onwards visit the wine bar which operates on the ground floor of the building and take off with the flavors of C Restaurant from the second floor and the roof garden.

Address: Apostolou Pavlou 27, Athina

Tel: 210 346 9077

Hill Athens Website

The Olive Garden
The Olive Garden



9. The Olive Garden

On the 11th floor of the Titania Hotel, there is the Olive Garden restaurant that offers a unique food and drink experience to all its guests. The olive tree is directly related to the history of Athens. Honoring this exceptional part of Athenian nature, the Olive Garden restaurant is an ideal setting with wonderful flavors and aromas of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. You can dine with breathtaking views, admiring the Parthenon and the starry Athenian sky. Taste local specialties with modern blends, accompanying your meal with wonderful wine selections. For those looking for a refreshing colorful cocktail, to the sound of relaxing music and overlooking the illuminated Acropolis and the endless sky, the Olive Garden is just the place for you.

Address: Omonoia 52, Athina

Tel: 210 332 6000

The Olive Garden Website


10. The Zillers

The Zillers restaurant is located on the green roof garden of the Zilllers Hotel on Mitropoleos Street in the center of Athens. Overlooking the enchanting Acropolis, a gastronomic delight based on creativity and fresh ingredients await you. At Zillers one can try an impressive menu for every taste. The cool cocktails and the relaxed music come to complete the summer evenings under the starry sky of Athens.

Address: Mitropoleos 54, Athina

Tel: 210 322 2277

The Zillers Website


11. Thea Terrace Bar - Central Athens Hotel

If you are looking for a nice and quiet place to relax, alone or with friends, Thea Terrace Bar is made for you. Here you enjoy your coffee, delicious snacks, or cold dishes, with the Holy Rock within walking distance.

Address: Apollonos 23, Athina

Tel: 210 323 4357

Thea Terrace Website

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