Summer excursion with an island flavor: 6 experiences on the beautiful Argosaronic islands

We’re well into summer, the weather is warm and there’s no better time for a weekend trip or even a multi-day getaway!

In this article, we have collected great ideas for mini-getaways, and to nearby destinations in Athens, which are none other than the beautiful islands of the Argosaronic. Not 1, but 6 specific experiences that you will adore! Of course, on these islands, you will find everything and in fact with a background of beautiful scenery as well as wonderful beaches!

Let's go to the Argosaronic islands... Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, and Agistri are the islands that attract the most attention, and are chosen by a large percentage - mainly of Athenians - for weekend getaways and are for many the base even for their summer holidays.


Perdika Village, Aegina Island

Whenever you find yourself in Aegina, do not miss to pass by the most picturesque fishing village on the island, which you will find at the end of a beautiful route that starts from the port and moves for 9 kilometers along the sea. In Perdika you will enjoy the sunset, you will eat fresh fish and seafood and you will admire the old traditional settlement, with the small houses and the courtyards that communicate with each other.

Nissaki Moni, Aegina Island

You will take the boat for a ride to the islet of Moni, protected habitat of rare animals and birds. Its pine trees and sandy beach are the first things that will impress you, but its special feature is that it is a wildlife sanctuary, with deer, wild goats, kri-kri, peacocks, and squirrels. The island is also of hiking/climbing interest if hiking on your vacation excites you and you are not satisfied with coffee and relaxation.


Aponisos, Agistri Island

Aponissos is a private islet that is joined to Agistri by a bridge and composes a very different picture of a beach from the usual one. It is located on the southwest side of the island, it is "drowned" in pine trees, it has beautiful turquoise waters, a beach bar and is suitable for diving, playing in the sea, water sports, and also relaxation.

Lemon forest of Galata, Poros

In addition to its beautiful waters, its picturesque narrow streets with neoclassical ones, and the wonderful view from the famous Clock on the highest top of the hill, in Poros it is also worth taking a walk in the Galata lemon grove. It is a small forest with thousands of lemon trees that reach the beach and host the walks of the visitors, creating an atmosphere taken from a romantic comedy. On the way, you will come across water mills, but also the small church of Saint Seraphim which was built around 1900.


Monastery of Zourda, Hydra Island

Put on your sports shoes and explore the island on foot, reaching the edge of Hydra and the Monastery of Zourva. From there you will admire the wonderful view of Athens, you will discover the library of the nuns of the monastery and you will find that the approximately three-hour walk was worth it.

Roussos, Spetses Island

In the most central and beautiful part of the island, Dapia is the most classic cafe-a reference point since 1968 of Spetses. Everyone, tourists and locals, go there to enjoy the view of the sea and the port, to drink Greek coffee, to enjoy a nice brunch, and to try the traditional Spetses almonds.


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