Spring is the ideal time to admire the ancient monuments of Athens

In this article, we state the best ancient monuments of Athens that are ideal to visit in spring.

AcropolisHow can we characterize spring? A season when the sun gives birth to the flowers, the moon, and dreams. We suggest walking around Athens. Get a real feel of its beauties in the sacred places of its history, where the eternal monuments and the secular streets of the old city are located. This alone is a unique and unforgettable experience.



Let's start with the crown of monuments, the Acropolis, where the spring atmosphere lifts monuments and senses. As the sun is high and the foreign travelers are few, you will find that it is the most suitable time to ascent this holy landmark. In the endless blue of the Attic sky, among the grassy rocks rises the most perfect architecture in the world, the Parthenon.

Approach it and remember the brave people who created it and brought it to its prime. You will feel your soul and spirit filling up with beauty and grandeur! You will realize that there is no other monument in the universe that carries a greater spiritual load than this marble. It is the "temple of all temples".

Ancient Agora

Ancient Agora

Another unforgettable tour, is this one in the Ancient Agora, the cradle of democracy. In an archeological grove, where the domestic flora and fauna are glorified, the few remnants of a building ensemble where the heart of ancient Athens used to beat.

Among the multicolor of spring, you will enjoy the best-preserved temple of classical times, the beautiful temple of Hephaestus and Ergani Athena (Thiseion), but also the extremely impressive, majestic, restored Stoa of Attalos.

Located in the monumental gallery that was the most elegant "department store" of antiquity, gazing at the classic church and the surrounding area, you will think that ... you have been transported to other times, you will enjoy something of the cleavage of the Athenian prosperity.

Kerameikos Cemetery

Kerameikos Cemetery

Closing the triptych of ancient Athens, we recommend a tour of the official cemetery of the Athenians of glorious times, Kerameikos. Here you will understand the glory of spring!

In a green habitat, you will meet frogs leaping, and turtles falling in love and you will be moved by the wonderful tombstones of the "good" men and the respected Atthis. You will be fascinated by nature and art! You will understand how the Athenians experienced death in those years: as submission to the laws of nature, but with human dignity preserved to the fullest.

Athens Neighborhood

Athenian Neighborhoods

Stroll in the incomparable historical center and explore the neighborhoods of the gods, Plaka and Monastiraki, but also that of the Heroes, Psyrri. Flowered balconies and courtyards among monuments and ruins of all times, the zenith and the nadir will set your mood. Above all, you will feel redeemed and happy if you accompany this unique experience with wine tasting and Greek flavors.

But also, a walk on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue around the National Garden and the mansions will enchant you. The blooming orange trees and the many fragrant flowers of the garden will fill you with colors and aromas.

For equally great emotions, crossing the National Garden, go to Zappeion. Then you will enjoy the most beautiful and glorious walk in the world according to the romantic poet Ernesto Renan, as your walk will be framed by the Holy Rock and its monuments.

If you want to get closer to the Attic nature and you are a fan of the panoramic view, tour Pnyx and the hill of the Muses (Filopappou).

Dionysian Theater

Dionysian Theater

With your eyesight saturated with beauty, go down the pedestrian street of Dionysiou Areopagitou to the Dionysian Theater. Here, again, the stones and marbles of the cradle of tragic poetry, and all around the colorful nature with the tweets of swallows and other winged beautiful vocalists, create an audiovisual painting of infinite beauty.

On the southern slope of the Acropolis, everything is reminiscent of the verses of Pindar who every year on such days praised the resurrection of Dionysus and the triumph of spring.

Undoubtedly, the spring outing in the city of Athens is fascinating. Let's be happy. But also, spring is ahead of us, so let us conquer it ...!

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