Aegina: A Day-Excursion to the beautiful island located just one hour from Athens

If you are thinking of leaving for three days, or even a one-day excursion, Aegina is a great destination!

On your Way to Aegina

Beautiful, picturesque, and within a short distance of Athens - just an hour. All you have to do is go to Piraeus Port to embark on a ferry and in an hour, you’ll reach the largest island of the Saronic Gulf that awaits you. This majestic island is ideal even for a day trip all year round!

Mitropolis church of Aegina

Arriving in Aegina

Arriving at its port, the white church of Agios Nikolaos of Thalassinos welcomes you, while the imposing neoclassical buildings, painted in bright colors, immediately give the stigma of the island, which was the first capital of Greece in 1828.

Favorite of many artists, such as Nikos Kazantzakis, who lived here for a long time, the island of Aegina will enchant you.

Horse-drawn carriages are extended near the port, ready to take you on a scenic ride by the sea. If you choose to walk, discover the narrow streets of the island, with its numerous shops and restaurants and cafes with flowery courtyards.

The Famous Landmarks of Aegina

Walking in the city you will see the Metropolis of Aegina, the church of Saint Dionysios, in the courtyard of which is the Eunardeio school, the School of Teachers of the last century, where the first Greek government was sworn in after the Revolution of 1821.

The library of Aegina is located on Mitropoleos Street and shortly after the Kapodistrian Government, on the ground floor of which was the first Mint.

At the Archaeological Museum of the island, you will see many relics and ancient finds, such as vases, statuettes, inscriptions, and coins.


Discovering the city, you will also find the Tower of Markellos, a Venetian tower - and observatory, built in the late 17th century. The building was renovated by Prokritos Filikos, activist and member of Parliament Spyridon Markellos, in 1802 and housed the first Greek anti-government committee from 1826-1828 and for a time the funds of the Greek state.

Today, the Kapodistrian Cultural Center of the Municipality of Aegina and the Center for Social Reflection "Spyros Alexiou" are housed in the Markellos Tower. The ground floor of the Tower, today is occasionally used as an exhibition space.

Returning to the port, on the left, you will see the archaeological site of Kolona, ​​which took its name from the only column that exists there, a remnant of the Temple of Apollo Delfini.

Aegina seafood

Fresh Seafood Lunch in Aegina

Along the promenade, you will find a variety of options for food, coffee, and ice cream, while shops with folk art and traditional products will win your attention. Lunch has arrived and it is the turn of the fish market with its traditional ouzo taverns, but also the fish taverns for fresh fish and seafood.

Do not leave the island if you do not get the famous pistachios of Aegina, either in their traditional form or as a liqueur, dessert, or mastic.

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