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Visiting Athens

A city break in Athens

So you threw your dart on the map and it hit Greece, but you only have a weekend to spend in Athens?

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Athens with kids, Greece for Families

The top 9 things to do in Athens with kids

Athens with kids & no nagging? Totally doable!

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Athens, Visiting Athens

The Athens Insider’s Heat Wave Survival Guide

So, you want to come to Greece in the summer but you have heard a bunch of stories that revive scenes out of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in your mind: you are being baked by the scorching sun, in a barren archeological site, dying of thirst, seeing mirages of oases and ice-cream-offering Karyatides girls, holding iced beer kegs on their heads...

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Koukaki Area

Athens, as a whole, is a culturally rising city after years of recession. But which neighborhoods carry this transformation on their shoulders? Which new districts of the Greek capital have become nurseries?

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Ancient Greek History

The Trojan War

April 24: On this day in 1184 BC, Troy, fell according to traditionally accepted historical occurrences. The widely known war was fought due to Prince Paris of Troy kidnapping King Menelaus’ bride, Helen, universally believed to be the most beautiful woman on earth.

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Metro Stations of Athens, Metro of Athens, Athens Metro, Athens Transportation

The Metro of Athens: The History, the Findings, and the Art

The Metro of Athens is a project full of history that is long overdue. The findings that were excavated and put on display along with the contemporary Art embellishing many of the stations make the Metro of Athens unique and full of history.

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